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Class emails

Over the summer break I have been sending my class (yes I only have one, lucky me) emails with links to articles etc in. Since some other people have asked me for the links, I am going to post one or two of them on my new blog site i.e. here

This is the first one sent in July:

Hi Folks,

Since I am off to work in Germany for a week from tomorrow, I thought I’d send you an email before I go.  I hope everyone’s summer got off to a good start and the somewhat tropical storms aren’t putting a damper on things (note the pun on ‘damper’ – what a wit eh). The rain certainly made biking a little difficult see photo below  –  the path should be on the left!

So for some things English for you to peruse….

This week’s news stories that interested me – this one called “I’m a pedant and proud”  – the title attracted me as I am definitely a pedant. It’s very vocabulary rich so I think a good text for you word people :-).

Being the gadget lover and I big ipod fan this was an interesting story and much easier to read.

For a bit of brain fun then I found these free brain games by chance – the first one is a vocab game that I found a bit addictive  – if you play it don’t panic some of the letter combinations really had me stumped as well.

Two weeks ago we looked at inversion in English – this website has a list of references for further study and some links to online practice, so you can go and test yourselves 🙂

Finally let’s go to you tube, following on from last week’s lesson, comments about styles of English (no I won’t forget it Olga!!!) and the two ronnies clip…..here’s a clip from an awful  movie but this scene is very funny ‘English pronunciation’ which reminded me of a scene from a czech movie

If you haven’t worked it out yet, I have made links in the email so click on the blue bits and they’ll take you to the relevant websites.

Hope you enjoy  the things I have chosen and of course email if you need any help with understanding, words or just want to say hi.



What happened to the cycle path?

What happened to the cycle path?

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