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Second email

Dear All,

Sorry it’s been a couple of weeks, I was away in Germany for two weeks and then got very busy setting up and starting a teacher training course. Anyway, how are your holidays going? Hot today so hope you are ‘in the nature’ enjoying it. I have some good news for you, I have agreed to at least start teaching you again next year., although I have to question why I am such a glutton for punishment;-)

I used the phrase ‘glutton for punishment’ if you’re not sure what it means you can click on it and it’ll take you to a dictionary.  The dictionary is a good online students dictionary .Speaking of dictionaries the article here is about new words entering an american dictionary. As a contrast a newspaper in the Uk ran an article on words poets don’t like which is quite interesting and can be found here

In Britain the summer period is referred to as the ‘silly season’ in the media, so called because a rule there is less ‘serious’ news in the summer so media outlets have to fill their programmes etc with ‘silly’ stories. It seems that this year will be no exception with the silly season kicking off in fine style with this. and if you would listen to the story, here it is on youtube – bloody ridiculous (Sorry Irena, you probably think it is great :-))

So there’s some links to keep you going,

Enjoy the heat and more soon,


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