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Slides from my conference talk

Greetings All,

Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope that you found my talk interesting, please find the slides below and I’ll add the activity instructions later today. Of course you may not have been at one of the conferences this week so the powerpoint slides might not make sense to you. I was talking  about the skills needed by candidates in speaking exams –  my main focus was on the Czech Maturita exam for which I am an external consultant but what i say in the slides is applicable to most oral exams. If you have a question about anything on the slides then please email me. (shaunwilden@gmail.com) – please note the extracts from OUP coursebooks are used with permission for my ppt but please respect copyright if you download the slides.

The main point of the talk is that to prepare  teens (people) for exams we need to focus on the skills they need (i.e. listening, turn taking etc ) and that we can give confidence by teaching appropriate strategies and encourage speaking all the time rather than in specified ‘exam focus’ lessons. It also highlights  that you can adequately prepare people without too many ‘fancy’ materials.

You can download the talk by clicking on this link here:

Conference talk – Olomouc&Prague August 2009

If you use slideshare you can find it here

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