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Find the similarities

These are the instructions for the ‘find the similarities’ exercise mentioned in my talk – I’ll add the others over the weekend.

Find the similarities.

It is easier to do than ‘find the differences’; as it can be applied to any picture whereas ‘find the differences’ needs pictures that are similar to start with (and then probably more work from you to doctor them to be different). Quickest way to do this is ask sts to open their coursebooks at random, and use the first picture they see, keeping the page and picture a secret from their colleague, (there is of course the small chance that they may choose the same picture but they won’t know this immediately). Put the students in pairs and tell them they have to find X number of similarities per picture (you can up the number for quicker finishers), they then have to ask each other questions to find things similar (e.g. Do you have people in your picture? Are there any buildings?, What kind of buildings? ). Once they have finished, ask them to recap what they found as this further practices language needed for the exam.

This is a useful task for picture description and the compare tasks that are in many oral examinations (and it needs no preparation :-))

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