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Link of the week – for teachers

As the last couple of posts have been for my students, here is something for teachers. Someone twittered (if you don’t use twitter then why not:-)) a link to a really useful site for teachers who are trying to incorporate technology into their teaching.  It is a wiki site which means you can look around and add. They also have a discussion space. However this is a ning site so you need to register if you don’t use ning but registration is free. Ning is a social networking site but unlike others it allows greater control over who can see what and there are many teaching nings.

Anyway the site is called ‘teaching with internet‘ and this is the intro

“Welcome to TEACH WITH INTERNET wiki! Our main aim here is to have a place in cyberspace to start sharing ideas, tips, suggestions and all kinds of material that can help teachers who want to apply new technology to their daily practices”

Having just spent the last 30 minutes looking round it, there are many useful pieces of advice and links to tools as well as a nice little quiz on the first page (I scored 800 points, go on beat that :-))

It reminded me of another collection of resources out there called cool tools for schools

Enjoy the links, until next time


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