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Fry lesson 2

The students seemed to enjoy Fry last week even if he was difficult (and class if you don’t agree with this statement then please feel free to leave a comment). In last week’s lesson I pre-taught ten words from the listening (I like dictations you see :-)) and so this lesson begins with revision of those words.

Slide 1 has a wordle of the words  – this really can be done online but the school’s  wifi network doesn’t extend to the classroom I am in so I had to save it as a jpg and then copy it into the slide. Wordle is a lovely site and revising the words like this just adds a different slant.

The first part of the listening, which we did last week (see blog post 2/11), ends at the schwa and this topic continues into the second part.  Slide 2 addresses the schwa and then slide three uses an exercises from the BBC website (link below). Students decide where the schwa is.

Slide 4 deals with Fry’s summation of spelling and then goes up to the newspaper editor. Slide five has the headlines that he talks about, I did these before listening to that part, letting them work out the double meaning. There is then a listening task for that part of the programme.  Slide six again has questions to discuss prior to listening.

Slide 7  has the words ‘subjective’ and ‘corpus’ and on it as you might need to deal with these words before they listen, I simply clarify and ask them to listen for what is said about each.  I have ended this part here as there are only a couple of minutes left and the topic changes and is continued in part three so I’ll save  it for next assuming they want more.

This is the link to the second ten minutes on youtube (see 2/9 for the other parts)

Time for football will upload slides in the morning 🙂

As with lesson one here extra links for the students to explore on their own:

1. The schwa exercise in full from the BBC (it is a downloadable pdf)

2. A website dedicated to spelling reform

3. A BBC article on spelling.

4. More about eggcorns.

5. Some more headlines with double-meanings.

6. Advise on how to write a headline (actually quite an interesting read..or maybe that’s just me :-))

7.  Some more contranyms

8. An EFL lesson on the subjunctive.

9. The British National Corpus – known as SARA.

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